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Maximise your refund





Proactive Tax and Business Services prepare and lodge personal returns, ensuring individuals understand their tax requirements. 




Did you know that you no longer need to come into our office to speak to an accountant to get your return lodged? COVID-19 has meant we have all had to adjust to a new normal, and this for us means we are now available for telephone or online appointments. You can of course still make an appointment to come into the office, or simply send us your paperwork or drop it in. We can complete your tax return and then contact you with any more questions.

What do I need to get my tax return lodged?

  • Full Name and Date of Birth

  • Your Tax File Number (and ABN if applicable) 

  • Your Contact Details such as address, phone number and email address

  • Your Bank Account Details as the ATO will not issue refund cheques

  • If you have a spouse – their name and tax file number

  • Are you an Australian Resident

  • A copy of last year’s tax return (if applicable)

  • Centrelink Income

  • Interest income and share statements

  • Private Health Insurance annual statement

  • Medicare Number

  • Rental Property details

  • Receipts for any work related deductions – uniform, donations, tools of trade, union fees etc.

  • Work related Self-education expenses

  • Details of Motor Vehicle if used for work – make, mode, engine size or log book

  • Tax Agents fees from last year



To maximise your outcomes from the ATO, we have also created a Detailed Tax Guide and Tax Return Checklist. Best read over a cuppa or a vino...

Welcome to the end of the 2023/24 Financial Year! Now is a great time to read up on what has changed since last year. As always there are more changes and some golden rules to get your deductions right. Review our detailed tax guide then complete the accompanying tax checklist  to ensure we achieve the best possible outcome.

Proactive Tax & Business Services have prepared a Tax Checklist to assist you to gather all the essential information required to prepare and lodge your tax return including income, work related expenses and other deductions. This document is ideally designed for a paperless workflow and can be downloaded, completed on screen in PDF form, saved and sent via email.





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